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You'll never get anywhere with both feet on the ground...

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What “defying gravity” really means

I started my tumblr as just a random outlet for the things that happen to me good or bad. I didn’t intend to really have many viewers or followers (and I don’t, haha); my friends probably don’t even know I have a tumblr. When I first started this page, I chose the name “defyinggravity” because the song easily translated to some of the confusing things I was going through at the time. But now? Now it stands for so much more. Over time, I have seen the way that the gravity of life has affected both me and my decisions, but also those of the people around me. When you are able to defy gravity, you can take the weight of the world, your problems, stress, and find ways to not only carry them, but surpass them. Gravity is constant force, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to beat. If gravity represents all of your obstacles, then space represents all of your dreams. The sky is truly the limit, you just have to learn how to disturb the laws of (social) physics.

With that being said, I’ve discovered a new way to defy gravity. This may not work for everyone, but it works for me: Every day, try to learn something new. Every day, do something that you ordinarily do a thousand times, but with a clear mind; you’re bound to notice something that you haven’t before. Every day, focus on something positive in your life, no matter what it may be; don’t focus on the “what if I don’ts” but on the “what if I dos.” Every day write down one truth, and epiphany, a virtue that you have learned and keep it as guiding reminder to show you that you defied gravity that day and that you can do it again.

This week I have learned so many things. The other day, I walked a route that I’ve walked a thousand times and I finally noticed this stop sign. It made me smile, made me think. No matter how a person acts towards you, no matter how much you may dislike or hate them, never stop loving. When you stop loving, you stop caring; when you stop caring, you cease to exist.

Another thing I learned is that, while I may not have had the most growing up, I’m thankful for the little bit that I did have. Growing up poor as a minority, things could have turned for the worst in a matter of seconds, but my mother never gave up on me or the dream that she had for my sisters and me. We grew up as strong, independent, young ladies, graduated and worked ourselves through college. We worked hard to make her proud because she worked hard to give us the life that she herself deserved. My mother could not give us much, but she raised us with class, respect, dignity, and a sense of integrity that surpasses that of others in similar positions in our hometown; for that, I will be forever grateful because those are the things that kept me in the classroom, not the streets, in the books and not the bags. I learned that my mom is, and will always be, one of the strongest women I have ever known in my life.

Enjoy life. Don’t let the stress get you down. Each day, learn a new way to defy gravity, and that weight on your shoulders will finally begin to dissipate. I plan to post my as I discover them, even if no one sees them.

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One thing I’ve learned a lot this week is that life is about decisions.

Sure, that’s a cliche’ and people say it all the time, but it’s true.

What I’ve realized, though, is that it’s not about initially making the right/wrong decision, if you do make the “right” decision on the first try, then good on you! That’s great! If you don’t, however, I’ve learned that life’s about altering those choices and making a the best of the route that you opted to take. There’s often something hidden underneath the surface of every opportunity, but in order to make it worth your while, you may have to do a little extra work.

It took me way too long to make that realization (sort of), but now that I have, my horizons are broadened and I’m learning that I’m much more capable than I thought I was. 

Life isn’t a script; it’s a story that has multiple outcomes. As the author, you write the endings which means you have the power to change it as you see fit.

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We are the honey badgers of the Harry Potter world…”because honey badger don’t care!”

If you have no idea what I’m referring to, just scroll down a little bit. :)

( <—-Honey badger

As far a pottermore goes, if you’re a hufflepuff and you’re on there, we need more house points. Go duel to your hearts content. 

Other houses, you may be in the lead for now, but we Hufflepuffs don’t give up. We’ll huffle and puffle until we blow all of your houses down…so, let’s hop to it guys.

yes, I realize this may have been one of the nerdiest, least complaining posts that I’ve ever contributed to the internet…

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10 Things I Hate About You (the internet)

In no particular order (and yes, I’m kind of bored):

1. When people wRiT3 LiK3 d!$

2. When people type “your” but really mean “you’re”

3. Yu, U, yew or any other variation of the word “you.” It’s three letters…just spell it out. 

4. Substituting the lowercase q for a lowercase g….why? Just…why?!

5. The word “deez”…commonly (and more so annoying when) coupled with nuts

6. People who meme EVERYTHING! Gifs are funny…memes have their limits.

7. People’s twitter posts coming to my Facebook every 10 secs. I don’t have a twitter for this reason, yet still, it’s almost like I do…

8. Statuses involving only abbreviations. Ex. OMG, Ur totes adorbs n presh. (Yes, this is a quote).

9. When people say how much they love their baby or “I love you” to their baby through their social networking sites. If you really do, great. Showcasing it to your baby who, at the age of 2 weeks to a year, can neither read nor operate a Facebook, it’s unnecessary.

10. Hashmarks. This (#) is now the sign of my declining sanity. Like memes, they are used for EVERYTHING…even things that don’t make sense!

Okay. I’m done. Promise. I also promise that, while I do hate these 10 things, there are more than 10 things that I do love about the internet.

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It’s kind of funny when you think about it…

As of late, with all the political opinions being chalked down to race this and race that, all of the assumptions about minorities, many false accusations and/or those containing false or misleading statistics, I feel like I’m living in an entirely different country that I was 10 years ago. Maybe it’s just that my childhood blinders have been removed and replaced by adulthood bifocals, but I want those blinders back. Kind of.

I’m tired of seeing disgust on people’s faces (not necessarily towards me), I’m tired of this war that, while I’m proud of those who are fighting and the courage they show representing the United States, may have very well been unavoidable. I’m tired of America having ample resources for education yet having extremely stratified, and, quite honestly, lackluster and below average results for a country of our stature. I’m just tired of politics being about self-interest rather than group interest. I’m tired of seeing people at a disadvantage (whether educationally, employment wise, etc.) due to circumstances, events, characteristics they cannot change.

I’m only 22 years old and have yet to live a “full” life. There is no way in hell that I should already be this tired…

We’ve got to better. If only the country could start thinking and deliberating as a whole..while I know it’s not possible, I have the freedom to dream/wish it so…

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American television <heavy sigh>

I’m just going to start out by saying that I’m American, so there’s that… My question:

Why is American t.v. so bad? There are few diamonds in the rough, but geez! English television (in comparison) is much better. When we find that English shows are trending in America, what is the first instinct? To remake them, of course. 

Three reasons why we shouldn’t:

1. The original is always infinitely better

2. We end up turning a good thing to shit! (See U.S. skins and compare it to U.K. skins for confirmation)

3. There are plenty of talented people with brilliant ideas who are being ignored to make your shitty production. Go to some of them; it’ll help you, them, and me….

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In this video, young girl has attempted to start a boycott of Girl Scout cookies due to the organization allowing transgendered youths to join.

Seriously? Mkay. Here’s what I have to say about this:

The only person seeing HER as a boy are people like the young girl in the video above who are too narrow-minded to understand that gender exists on multiple levels and, indeed, is more than just two-dimensional. I know she is only a child, but I think people should be educated before putting themselves into public situations in which facts are particularly skewed or completely incorrect as they stand.

It is not girl scouts that is creating an unsafe environment; people like this girl are the ones who create an unsafe environment for people or children who are just looking for the same things internally as they are, regardless of outside appearances. I say kudos to girl scouts (as a former member) and I am now more motivated to buy cookies to support these GIRLS and, if I could, I would give donations to the California sector that currently calls this girl a member just so that they would GET RID OF HER. 

Looks like we all have a legitimate reason to go out and enjoy our favorite cookies of choice! :)

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what. The. FUCK?

So many frickin’ people gave me so shit my senior year of high school when they found out I was interested in/dating a girl(s)…now at least 30% of those same people are as well?

Seriously? What the fuck!

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