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So what this whole acting “white” or acting “black” ordeal? In an attempt to avoid discussing the anthropological argument, I’m just going to skip straight to my sociological observations. You’re welcome

I’m black. I’ll just throw that out there. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I wasn’t black or that I “act white,” I would surely be rich by now. Despite race being observationally defined since, I don’t know, forever (you get my point), now it not only lies in the way you look, but the way you act. 

Since when does being black mean:
1. Listening to rap and r&b music
2. Being uneducated
3. Having a criminal record
4. Using bad grammar/spelling/etiquette
5. Drugs

Since when does white mean:
1. Listens to anything but rap and r&b
2. Higher education
3. No criminal past
4. Proper
5. Clean

To be completely clear, calling me “not black” does not fit. While I fit into none of the implied categories my physical being is still considered black. To say I “act white” also does not fit.While I do fit into a few of those categories, it is still inaccurate. Until I no longer get the discrimination of being a black woman (and regardless of what you think or what you see, it does exist), then I will always be black despite my inability to fit the proper stereotypes that identify me as such.

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