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In this video, young girl has attempted to start a boycott of Girl Scout cookies due to the organization allowing transgendered youths to join.

Seriously? Mkay. Here’s what I have to say about this:

The only person seeing HER as a boy are people like the young girl in the video above who are too narrow-minded to understand that gender exists on multiple levels and, indeed, is more than just two-dimensional. I know she is only a child, but I think people should be educated before putting themselves into public situations in which facts are particularly skewed or completely incorrect as they stand.

It is not girl scouts that is creating an unsafe environment; people like this girl are the ones who create an unsafe environment for people or children who are just looking for the same things internally as they are, regardless of outside appearances. I say kudos to girl scouts (as a former member) and I am now more motivated to buy cookies to support these GIRLS and, if I could, I would give donations to the California sector that currently calls this girl a member just so that they would GET RID OF HER. 

Looks like we all have a legitimate reason to go out and enjoy our favorite cookies of choice! :)

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