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10 Things I Hate About You (the internet)

In no particular order (and yes, I’m kind of bored):

1. When people wRiT3 LiK3 d!$

2. When people type “your” but really mean “you’re”

3. Yu, U, yew or any other variation of the word “you.” It’s three letters…just spell it out. 

4. Substituting the lowercase q for a lowercase g….why? Just…why?!

5. The word “deez”…commonly (and more so annoying when) coupled with nuts

6. People who meme EVERYTHING! Gifs are funny…memes have their limits.

7. People’s twitter posts coming to my Facebook every 10 secs. I don’t have a twitter for this reason, yet still, it’s almost like I do…

8. Statuses involving only abbreviations. Ex. OMG, Ur totes adorbs n presh. (Yes, this is a quote).

9. When people say how much they love their baby or “I love you” to their baby through their social networking sites. If you really do, great. Showcasing it to your baby who, at the age of 2 weeks to a year, can neither read nor operate a Facebook, it’s unnecessary.

10. Hashmarks. This (#) is now the sign of my declining sanity. Like memes, they are used for EVERYTHING…even things that don’t make sense!

Okay. I’m done. Promise. I also promise that, while I do hate these 10 things, there are more than 10 things that I do love about the internet.

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Paradoxes and Idiosyncrasies…they make us human

This is what happens when you live in a middle of nowhere city, located in a middle of nowhere town, in one of the most boring of all southern states. Yeah…I did my best to narrow it down without revealing the “mystery.”

1. When something really good happens, we call it “shit”
Ex. “Man, that movie was so good; you really need to go see that shit.”
When things are really bad, we call them “shit”
Ex. “That was the dumbest shit I have ever seen anyone do in my life.”

2. There’s always going to be that one person or thing that changed your life, but you’re never content having found.
i.e. you’re always going to wish you’d found them/it sooner, later, or not at all no matter when it enters your life. 

3. Complaining about those who complain.
I know, I know. It’s not so much an idiosyncrasy or paradox as much as it is filled with hypocrisy.

4. Recycling
Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for; I do it, but the mechanisms used to recycle put more toxins in the air….I guess this is also irony. 

5. Music that trends the most is normally bad music (according to the standards of most, not just my own).
Exhibit 1: Rebecca Black (No offense to you if you ever see this, but your music is pretty terrible. You need to admit this to yourself. You got your fame for being in awful…but you’re rich, so take pride in that…)

***As this lovely holiday season carries on, I will likely be updating this list. In the mean time, if anyone who happens to see this has anything of their own they’d like to add, feel free to let me know.*** 

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